10 tips for Boosting Employee Engagement

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What is Employee Engagement? Employee Engagement is one of the latest buzzwords floating around the online HR community. It can be frustrating to read about, mostly because engagement itself can be hard to define at times, yet so many seem to talk so matter-of-factly about it. Nevertheless, it’s important that you not only define engagement […]

Imagine NIKE opened a Real Estate divison

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I found this article written by Zach Schabot, the founder of GoConnectApp, a checklist app for real estate agents, and Better Homes and Gardens in Cary, North Carolina. You find his take on applying the NIKE  Last night I had a dream. Stay with me here. In this dream, I was hired to start a residential […]

Read a Free Chapter of Accelerate from HBR

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Dr.Kotter’s new book, Accelerate (XLR8) is available for order now, or read a free chapter (link below). The Accelerating Wave of Change: How to Keep Your Head Above Water My colleague at Kotter International, Ken Perlman, paints a clear and disturbing picture of the dynamic and disruptive environment created by increased change. Big change is upon us and there is no sign of […]

Thinking Big

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The concept behind the power of a dream (or big opportunity) is creating a compelling picture of the future and the belief system that supports it – both individually and collectively. We don’t live in a society of rich vs. poor as much as we live in a society of dreamers vs. non-dreamers. Organizations are […]

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