Lifetime Friendships Form


On legacy teams, lifetime friendships are formed. After years pass and the team disbands, one day you could end up eating at a restaurant and see a former teammate across the room—and because of the lifetime friendship that was formed from being legacy teammates, you have deep mutual respect and love for that person.

I was recently at the Orlando International Airport and spotted a former college teammate of mine whom I hadn’t seen in fifteen years. We were across the concourse from each other and, after making eye contact; we made a beeline toward each other and embraced. He happens to be six feet, five inches tall, weighs 270 pounds, and is black. I’m six feet, three inches tall, weighs 175 pounds, and am white, but all that didn’t matter. We were teammates at the University of Washington and legacy teammates at that.  Our past experience together created a deep mutual respect and enduring love for one another because lifetime friendships form on a legacy team.