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The Fundamentals of Human Performance

TOM FLICK | February 8, 2012

Just as there are laws that govern entropy, gravity and aero-dynamics, there are laws that govern human performance—the actual practice of which allows us to successfully change and grow.  I’ve witnessed too many organizations and their people caught up more in the terminology and acronyms of change, growth and winning, [...]

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The Authoritarian Leader

TOM FLICK | January 4, 2012

Be careful of being an authoritarian leader. It doesn’t work.  An authoritarian leader has an approach that favors domination, manipulation, and intimidation; their strength is a huge ego and imbalanced sense of pride. Their viewpoint sees people below them as commodities. Sadly, in the process these leaders will burn out [...]

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Opportunities vs Hazards

TOM FLICK | October 7, 2011

There are two compelling behaviors that dominate high performers, great leaders, cohesive teams and forward moving organizations.  They are constantly and forever trying to avoid big hazards while simultaneously seeking out big opportunities. And when looking for those big opportunities, they do everything they can, each and every day, to [...]

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Selective Participants

TOM FLICK | August 24, 2011

I’ve played on teams that were highly talented athletically, but never accomplished much. The reason was we never got along. Or, we didn’t respect each other or we never became friends. We were essentially an organization of selective participants. Individuals concerned about their own thing. It was all about “what’s [...]

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Build the Ties That Bind

TOM FLICK | August 3, 2011

Success begins and ends in your ability to build well-established, trusting relationships. All great teams are founded on strong relationships and solid trust because that is the best way for everyone to move forward. As leaders, we need to step away from our computers and get out of our offices [...]

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A Leader's Voice

TOM FLICK | July 19, 2011

I was caught off guard recently during a conference call with the CEO of a German-based cardiovascular company.  The call began differently than most.  This is not verbatim, but darn close.  [...]

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