The Conflict Catalyst: Tell the Truth Monday

Tom Flick |

It is human nature to avoid pain. Actively engaging in pain or inflicting pain on others sometimes comes with either a diagnosis or jail time. But the pain that comes from conflict can be a radical catalyst for change, open doors, and new territory, not only for interpersonal relationships but also in business. A good […]


Tom Flick |

“Does it feel uncomfortable? Good, keep doing it!” I once heard a friend of mine ask this question of a quarterback under his tutelage, and it made me think about how uncomfortable change can be. When a strategy hasn’t yielded the outcomes everyone expects, it’s time to rework the problem. When a team has been […]

3 Key Elements to Lead Change in 2016

Tom Flick |

Leadership is the Name of the Game 2016 will again be a year of unprecedented change. Because of the speed at which change is happening in our world, change can’t be managed. This is why Leadership is the name of the game. It’s important to distinguish the difference between the two because we understand management […]

Little Big Things

Tom Flick |

Each season of the year brings new changes, new ways of doing things; new procedures and processes to help navigate the bloated landscape of information and the mountain high workload we climb daily in order to streamline our routines to better serve the clients and customers seeking our services.  So it is with my organization, […]

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