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Young at Heart

Tom Flick |

In his latest post, Dr. John Kotter offers advice for companies looking to get back on track in this competitive world. Read about how to avoid the life cycle path that stifles innovation, decreases agility and drives creative talent away. As I write this, there are hundreds – if not thousands – of organizations in the United States alone […]

What Does Leadership Mean to You?

Tom Flick |

My colleague and COO at Kotter International, Rick Western, has written a great piece on the value of recognizing the role of leadership throughout your enterprise. What Does Leadership Mean to You? I’ve always felt a disconnect when people refer to those with a senior role or executive title as the “leadership” team. Intended or […]

The "Volunteer Army" – Does It Really Work?

Tom Flick |

“It sounds great, but can a volunteer army really work?” Dr. John Kotter was asked this question several times during recent interviews about his new book, Accelerate. For an answer we decided to go straight to an authentic source – we interviewed Mercedes Adams, a program manager at NetApp, a company that’s been following the […]

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