Fear vs. Respect: Why Leading Through Fear is Never the Answer

Tom Flick |

Fear in the workplace is more common than one might expect. On the surface, it can be fairly unnoticeable, yet it can plague your organization like a nasty virus. Fear can be difficult to pinpoint, but, often, if it’s having an influence on the organization, it can be found coming from those in leadership positions. […]

Leadership Lessons I Learned as a Quarterback

Tom Flick |

People often ask me what the most valuable lesson I learned during my seven seasons as an NFL quarterback. I’m always hesitant to answer because it’s extremely difficult, impossible in fact, to distill my seven years in the NFL, and the years leading up to it, into one single lesson about leadership. There are too […]

The One Trait All Great Leaders Share

Tom Flick |

My friend and colleague Shaun Spearmon at Kotter International shares what we all know inherently about great leaders (and coaches), is that they can draw out our potential, stretch us, and take us farther than we can take ourselves. Read on… Have you ever worked for a boss who made you work harder than other […]

Insights of Apple and Leadership Skill of Steve Jobs

Tom Flick |

My colleague and friend, Russell Raath at Kotter International, shares some interesting insights about Steve Jobs during his 1997 return to Apple. Earlier today JP Nicols (a friend and colleague) posted a tweet that caught my eye – it was a post honoring Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, on the 3rd anniversary of his passing and […]

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