Insights of Apple and Leadership Skill of Steve Jobs

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My colleague and friend, Russell Raath at Kotter International, shares some interesting insights about Steve Jobs during his 1997 return to Apple. Earlier today JP Nicols (a friend and colleague) posted a tweet that caught my eye – it was a post honoring Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, on the 3rd anniversary of his passing and […]

When Executives Blink

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My colleague Gregg LeStage, Executive Vice President for Kotter International, where he is responsible for global business development makes a great point about the little things that leaders can do to allow for big change to stay on track. Enjoy the Read.  ~Tom.   Picture this: You’re an executive responsible for setting your company’s strategic direction. […]

‘Dangerous’ Ideas Are The Key To Innovation

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You must be willing to look at things from a different perspective in order to find new ideas for approaching challenges and moving things forward in an organization. As a change leadership speaker, it’s my goal to help people do just this. My colleague, PJ Chan from Kotter International has written a great blog post […]

Jedi Leadership Lessons

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Sometimes it’s best to let people learn on their own rather than handing them the answers on a plate. Of course, in crisis moments this may not be feasible. However, when the opportunity presents itself to allow members of your company to go through the problem solving process, you’ve now given them the ability to […]

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