What is "Real" Leadership?

Tom Flick |

For too long we have been socialized and traditionalized to believe leadership is a title, a corner office, a degree or power.  It is none of these things.  Real leadership has a “softer” side to it.  I do not mean “weak.”  I am talking about courageous, visionary and authentic.  Authentic leaders are those that know […]

Leadership is the Name of the Game

Tom Flick |

Leadership really is the name of the game.  The impetus in corporate America should be focused 70% towards leadership and 30% towards management.  I am not stating leadership is good and management is bad.  I am not saying that leadership is better than management.  I am saying in organizations today, leadership needs to be taught, […]

Leading Legacy Teams

Tom Flick |

I have heard the word “team” used hundreds if not thousands of times since leaving the NFL in 1988 and entering the corporate world. CEOs, presidents, managers, and front-line employees have all spoken the word “team” without ever really knowing how a true team behaves or what it can accomplish. I also know that you […]

Executing the Basics

Tom Flick |

Vince Lombardi, the legendary coach of the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers, would begin each training camp by addressing his players with a football in his hand exclaiming, “Men, this is a football, and this is how we are going to carry our football.”  Sound ridiculous?  It shouldn’t.  Coaching the fundamentals and executing the […]

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