Thinking Big

Tom Flick |

The concept behind the power of a dream (or big opportunity) is creating a compelling picture of the future and the belief system that supports it – both individually and collectively. We don’t live in a society of rich vs. poor as much as we live in a society of dreamers vs. non-dreamers. Organizations are […]

Goal Setting: A very misunderstood tool

Tom Flick |

Goal setting is a very misunderstood and poorly used tool in business. The net result is a workforce trapped in a state of false urgency because the effort is derived from misleading notions in their mind creating misguided effort toward what we think will be effective and measurable strides toward our desired outcome. What usually […]

What Motivates You?

Tom Flick |

Ask yourself these questions: What motivates me? What’s my purpose? How do I focus energy or how do I get people to focus their energy? What’s my picture of my future? What is it that I really do? The power of a dream – chasing a compelling picture of your future – answers those questions.  […]

Principles Trump Technique – Every Time

Tom Flick |

How many organizations have you worked for that have displayed their core values on the office wall and yet act as if they never existed?  In my line of work, I’ve seen many.  So I was refreshingly caught off guard recently when I was asked to keynote a leadership conference in New Orleans for the […]

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