Change Management

As noted by Harvard Professor and leadership guru Dr. John Kotter in his bestselling book, Leading Change, leadership really is the name of the game. In our fast-paced world of continuous change, the impetus in corporate America should be focused 70% towards leadership and 30% towards management.

As a change management speaker, I have learned that the educational systems in America and Europe are predominantly geared towards management, developing in people “managerial mindsets”. Their goal is to maintain the status quo and avoid hazards. Management is budgeting, staffing, regulating, and problem solving—essential aspects of a successful company. However, a primary focus on management doesn’t move anybody forward. Today, most organizations are over-managed and under-lead. There is a dichotomy behind the concept of “Change Management” because change and management are conflicting ideas. Change management doesn’t lead to progress within a company—leadership does.

In organizations today, leadership needs to be taught, emphasized and focused upon to a higher degree. Leadership is vision and strategy—it motivates action and removes barriers. Leadership takes complex systems and people and creates evolution, opportunities, and growth. Management is what you know. Leadership takes you to where you want to go.

Click the link here to learn more on these teachings. You’ll see how I touch both aspects as a leadership and change management speaker.

Last update of the article: 11/21/2019

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