“Your powerful, engaging message made a significant impact on everyone – including me.”

– CEO, US Airways

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Tom Flick & Kotter International

Alliance partners in leading change. Inspiring people to become better leaders.

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Everyone leads – because people, not programs, make organizations grow.

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Driving results in a world of ever-increasing change requires leadership.

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    Tom Flick speaks on the topic of leadership and is considered an authority on the subject. His work exists to help people become better leaders throughout all levels of enterprise, whether addressing executive leaders, managers, salespeople, or frontline employees. Mr. Flick motivates audiences to move faster – with less chaos – to achieve success no matter the obstacles, to lead change and seize opportunities for growth – all while accelerating personal and organizational performance. Tom also works in partnership with Kotter International to help organizations successfully lead change; generating tangible business results in a rapidly-changing world.

    Tom’s tailored messages aim at the head and the heart, inspiring individuals and organizations worldwide to move, make things happen and win.

    Your inspirational and intelligent presentation to our leaders was impactful, motivating and exactly what we needed!"

    — Vice President

    “Your presentation made a significant positive impact on everyone – including me.”

    — Chairman & CEO

    “Tom Flick’s unique business message was the highlight of our global conference. Tom captured perfectly the essence of how we characterize our own company culture.”

    — Vice President - Marketing

    “You grasped our group’s attention effortlessly and carried them places where they could see goals achieved, greater satisfaction in what they do, and greater pride in the journey.”

    — National Account Sales Manager

    “Tom crafted a message that really hit home. He expertly tailored a message that engaged our clients, connected with the market we serve, and added relevancy to our leadership theme.”

    — President of Americas

    “You have no idea what tremendous impact you have made. Your leadership and teambuilding abilities are making valuable contributions to our military community.”

    — General

    "Thank you so much for your professionalism, your passion, and your fantastic message…the best message we have had in the 17 years I have attended this conference."

    — Executive Vice President

    "Because of your advanced preparation, and your authentic and convincing messages, you inspired our leaders, and were the highlight for our Senior Management offsite. "

    — President & CEO

    Don’t leave building your #team to chance, because you’ll end up getting a team you don’t want.

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