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Leading change has become too complex to overcome alone.

Leading through change while elevating execution is not a core competency for most organizations—lowering performance—and making change difficult, costly, and painful.


Change is never easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard.

Overwhelmed and uncertain of how to successfully lead change and make it an asset? Struggling to rise to the challenge of a highly competitive and quickly changing world?


How can we get better?

Learn how to change your approach to change. Empower more people to lead, navigate change successfully, elevate performance, and move faster—to achieve success—no matter the obstacles.

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“Tom was outstanding! He inspires, engages, and motivates. Our global leadership team was impressed and walked away, energized, and ready to take action. Tom blends the heart and head to encourage leaders to rethink how we lead, build stronger relationships and teams and move forward.”

–John Kispert, President and CEO, Spansion, Inc

Meet Tom

With his unique gift to connect with the listener’s head and heart, former NFL quarterback, Tom Flick is one of the most in-demand leadership speakers today. With passion, authority, and authenticity, Tom delivers keynotes aimed at the heart—where real change occurs. He has successfully helped organizations like NASA, Amazon, and American Express navigate change and elevate performance in a competitive world.

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Seize the opportunities change creates.

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Develop leaders

People, not programs, help organizations change and grow. They are an organization’s most important asset. Yet organizations are over-managed and under-led by a factor of 4-to-1. If more people were better leaders, the benefits would be endless.

Ignite teams

High functioning teams drive organizational success. They move with speed and clarity creating fast-moving actions in people that are focused on important issues. They realize ambitious goals despite obstacles, working to achieve progress every single day.

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It’s time to go beyond the status quo.

Learn how to lead and grow through the disruption of a changing world.

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Are you tired of…

  • Losing ground to the competition
  • Living with a fixed mindset
  • Maintaining the status quo
  • Missed opportunities

Would you like to…

  • Cultivate a growth mindset
  • Move with greater speed and agility
  • Perform at higher levels
  • Win against your competition

“It was the seventh time this year Tom presented to and inspired our global brands across the world, and everyone at Hyatt are raving fans of Tom Flick! His energy, insights, and connection with the audience created the “buzz” we were looking for to help drive our performance forward.”

– Kevin Kelly, VP of Sales, Americas, Hyatt

Tom has been honored to serve these and over 2,000 other fine organizations.

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