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Leadership speaker and
change expert.


Successful in sports

Tom Flick is a former Rose Bowl Champion, Team Captain, Most-Inspirational, Pac-10 Conference “Player of the Year,” and NFL quarterback for seven seasons.

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Natural leader

Tom’s remarkable ability to communicate real business solutions with humor, wit and razor-sharp insight has made him one of the most sought-after authorities on leadership today.


Empowering people

Keynote presentations connecting the head and the heart, allowing people to lead the way and accelerate performance at every level of the enterprise.


About Tom

As a former NFL Quarterback, Tom understands the demands of performing under pressure to win. That is why Tom’s messages aim for the heart—to create deep-felt determination to move, make things happen, and win now.

For the past 25 years, Tom has worked with the world’s most innovative and dynamic leaders and organizations, helping them move faster—with more focus—to succeed in a rapidly changing and highly competitive world.

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“Tom was exceptional! I have rarely seen a speaker seamlessly balance an actionable message in such an inspirational way. As a result of Tom’s message, our team left motivated, aligned, and ready to win the day!”

– Jason Green, Chief Revenue Officer, National Instruments

Engage the heart.


When I speak, I aim for the heart—to
truly motivate change in the world.


To inspire and mobilize people to become
better leaders to serve the world.

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Inspired communication

The heart inspires real change. Whether you want to be the most compassionate hospital or service-oriented hotel—feelings are more influential than thought when it comes to affecting change. That’s why when Tom speaks, he aims for the heart, where real change takes place. Because our best efforts emerge when “our heart is in it.”

Empowered leadership

Leadership is not mysterious or mystical. It is not the province of a chosen few and has nothing to do with charisma or extraordinary personality traits. Outstanding leadership starts from the inside with self-leadership. Get that right, and you’re halfway home.

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“Tom, you grasped our group’s attention effortlessly and carried them places where they could see goals achieved, greater satisfaction in what they do, and greater pride in the journey.”

–Lesley Swartz, National Account Sales Manager, PepsiCo

Tom has been honored to serve these and over 2,000 other fine organizations.

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