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A great coach can take you further than you can take yourself.

We believe everybody needs a coach. Someone in your corner to challenge, support, and provide guidance while helping to develop skills and potential that would otherwise be left untapped.

One-on-one guidance and training

Tailored advice and instruction to help you determine the next steps, move forward, and feel empowered.

A holistic approach

Taking into account the whole person–considering both professional and personal aspects of life.

Tom’s Coaching Pillars



Finding and navigating the best path for you



Identifying and distilling challenges



Custom game plans to keep you moving forward

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Perceptive discoveries with actionable takeaways

“As a former NFL Quarterback, and throughout my life, I understood that my coaches could take me further than I thought possible. A good coach unlocked latent talent and opened new pathways that maximized my God-given abilities. In the competitive world of business–and in life–it’s no different.”

– Tom Flick

Meet Tom Flick

Tom Flick

Along with 30 years of presenting keynotes and facilitating breakout learning sessions, Tom has guided executives on their path toward clarity, purpose, and leadership development. Along with his training as a Gallup StrengthsFinder Master Strengths Coach, Tom relies on his vast experience in the corporate arena to successfully guide executives through the challenge of rapidly changing business environments.

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“Being able to learn from a humble leader who listens well and provides honest feedback was a game-changer for me. I have the utmost respect for Tom’s authenticity, his caring nature, and his ability to help me navigate a new path forward.”

– Robbie Bach, former President of Entertainment & Devices, Microsoft

coaching brendan

Brendan Suhr

Coach Brendan Suhr is one of the most respected figures in basketball with nearly 30 years as a coach and executive in the NBA with two NBA Championships, and 13 seasons as a coach at the collegiate level. Brendan is a Gallup StrengthsFinder Master Strengths Coach. His combination of unique strengths gives him the ability to evaluate talent, develop a game plan, and coach you to reach your highest potential.

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“I often look to consult people with a wealth of experience, an understanding of the details that make teams successful, a grasp on what it takes to communicate effectively as a leader and mentor, and the creativity to adjust their advice to our own particular program. There are very few people, in my opinion, that are as qualified in each of those areas as Coach Suhr.”

– Brad Stevens, Head Coach, Boston Celtics


Mike Howerton

Mike has spent the last 29 years as an Organizational Leader, including the last 15 as the Lead of a large non-profit in Seattle, WA. With a background in Organizational Leadership and Coaching, Mike is passionate about helping individuals become their best, healthiest selves, while operating at peak performance levels.

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“As a business leader, Mike’s coaching has been invaluable. He understands the human factors that drive organizations toward success or failure. His recommendations are both pragmatic and compassionate, reflecting his experience of leading large teams toward a common goal. More than anything, Mike is a thoughtful sounding board who has helped me work through the various highs and lows of running my company.”

– Christopher Wilshire, CEO, Egg Strategy

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