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Leadership vs. Management: Why This is Increasingly Important

TOM FLICK | May 1, 2023

The distinction between leadership and management is significant. Leadership is about urgency and going after big dreams versus [...]

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Emotional Intelligence

The Emotionally Intelligent Leader in a Cutthroat Environment

TOM FLICK | April 4, 2023

The emotionally intelligent leader guides with great self-awareness and empathy using strong communication and conflict resolution skills. [...]

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How Self-Leaders Show Up: Three Traits of Self-Leadership

TOM FLICK | March 16, 2023

Self-leaders show up when it counts and are vital to an organization’s success.  We have been conditioned to [...]

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Inspire people and lead well

Three Surefire Ways to Inspire People and Lead Well

TOM FLICK | March 9, 2023

Why does it seem so hard to inspire people and lead well?  A mark of a good leader [...]

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The Best Leaders and Companies Lead with Empathy

TOM FLICK | March 3, 2023

Empathy is becoming a common leadership trait in today's workplace - a powerful characteristic that helps shift an over-managed work environment into a transformed, leadership-driven company. [...]

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Compassion in Business: Build a Positive Work Environment

TOM FLICK | March 1, 2023

Compassion in business Leadership sounds like an oxymoron. The business world focuses on achieving goals, hitting targets, and [...]

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