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Group workshop sessions

Accelerate growth while maximizing human potential

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Go deeper and experience firsthand how to lead change.

Challenge your comfort zones and develop your capabilities as a leader with dynamic breakout sessions centered around Tom’s four keynote presentations, creating a powerful learning experience that produces results.

Practice applying principles with guidance

Learn how to employ new concepts in a safe environment while being guided throughout the process.

Dynamic, invigorating, and practical.

Connect deeper with teammates, learn how to best apply new principles through interaction and hands-on exercises.

Tom’s Process



Stories awaken our emotions to possibilities.



To “feel” or experience the learning.



Connecting emotions and thoughts.



Learning and growing from other insights.



Bringing the “outside in” to stimulate learning.

“Tom facilitated our training event, and our employee engagement is higher than ever! In less than four months, we have seen increased customer satisfaction and an increase in growth exceeding three times market growth. Tom was instrumental in helping us get to where we are today.”

Patrick Mercer, Branch General Manager, Washington DC, Siemens

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Expand capabilities

Rediscover strengths that might have been lost along the way, while developing new skills and awareness that serve both the individual and the organization as a whole. Leave with a clarity about the next steps to take, and the confidence to execute them.

Unify teams

The interactive and fast-paced environment of half-day and full-day workshops creates a camaraderie and bond that reunifies teams while defining goals, leading to an overall sense of self-confidence and trust between individuals.

Engage the heart.


When I speak, I aim for the heart—to
truly motivate change in the world.


To inspire and mobilize people to become
better leaders to serve the world.

Start today and take the next step.

Find out how Tom can best help you move forward.

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