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Who is Tom Flick?

Tom is a former NFL Quarterback who for the past 25 years has garnered a reputation around the world as an authority on Leadership and Leading Change. He has presented over 2,000 presentations to a who’s-who list of clients through engaging keynotes, and half-day/full-day breakout learning sessions.

Who are his clients?

Tom works with C-Suite executives, upper management, mid-management, teams, sales leaders, and frontline employees. From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Anyone who desires to develop their people, make their organization more agile and competitive, and seize the opportunities change creates.

What challenges do his clients face most frequently, and what are the root causes?

Overwhelmed by ever-increasing rates of change. Competition. Technology. Innovation. Regulations. New markets. Mergers & Acquisitions. Complacency. False urgency. Fear, anxiety, and stress.

What are Tom’s clients seeking?

An edge. To perform at higher levels. To move forward with speed and agility. To thrive in a change environment and win against their competition. To achieve greater personal and organizational performance. To move faster—with more focus—to achieve success no matter the obstacles.

How is Tom equipped to help during this time of unprecedented change?

For over two decades, Tom has successfully guided people and organizations through change. Change does not have to undermine the inherent potential of your organization. Understanding the dynamics of how to lead change successfully is a vital asset. You can have an empowered work force thriving in a positive change environment.

Why hire Tom to solve your problem?

Organizations that lead change effectively can take advantage of significant opportunities and avoid looming hazards. For 25 years, Tom has helped organizations to grow faster, develop leaders, improve personal and organizational performance, enhance customer success, and compete more effectively.

How do I get in touch with Tom?

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