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Messages that engage the head and heart while moving us to action

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Your next event is not just another meeting.

This is an opportunity to engage your audience, to positively influence the future of your company. We are given few priceless opportunities to engage and unite these people.

Together, we can do just that.

Keynotes created specifically for you.

Tom customizes every presentation centered on each organization’s specific needs and desired outcomes.

Designed to ensure measurable takeaways.

Crafted messages that inspire action by appealing to the mind while engaging the heart.

Tom’s Speaking Principles


Engage the head and the heart to generate extraordinary outcomes.


Create “want to!” where people are inspired by the possibilities.


Inspire people with the confidence and tools to change their world.


Deliver an experience that is impactful, empowering, and actionable.

“Our company is in the midst of a transformational change and had Tom Flick as the keynote speaker. Tom’s presentation was outstanding! Our team was positively impacted; Tom received the highest scores of any external speaker in our history. Tom was much more than a motivational speaker, his speech had real world application and true take-home value.”

–Doug Williams, CEO, Cotiviti

Keynote presentations

True Urgency


In a competitive world that does not stand still, the all-too-common problem of complacency and false urgency can be solved by producing the highly positive and highly focused force of “true urgency”.

The Heart of Leadership


Transformation is a process driven by the heart, the true source of all inspired performance. Our best efforts emerge when our “heart is in it.” Discover how to develop leaders and unleash talent by connecting the head and the heart.

Leading Change


The ability to change quickly and effectively can mean the difference between an organization thriving or dying. The ability of leaders to successfully lead through change is paramount to fully realize its opportunities and avoid the hazards.

Creating Legacy Teams


Awaken slumbering morale, sharpen team vision and secure strong performances company-wide. Create the winning environment and have your group exceed your best expectations.

Listening to clients. Hitting the mark.

Listening is at the heart of creating a custom-tailored keynote address that makes a difference.

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“Tom clearly made an impact on my senior product team. The time spent together was highly productive, informative and enjoyable! We all left fully engaged and inspired to take action.”

–Kevin Eskridge, Chief Product Officer,
Under Armour

“Your powerful and engaging message on leading change provided tools to be more effective leaders in a merger environment made a significant impact on everyone! Your presentation scored on all points.”

–Doug Parker, Chairman & CEO,
American Airlines

“Your important role in creating an atmosphere of change agility and trust by unifying new teams and creating working relationships at our National Director’s Conference was exceptional!”

–Ann Perinchief, Sr. VP of Customer Satisfaction & Sales,
Eddie Bauer

Tom has been honored to serve these and over 2,000 other fine organizations.

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