A Word of Encouragement


For years now, my phone rings every Friday morning around 8am.

The caller ID indicates that it’s my brother, Joe, on the line. I answer the phone and am greeted with an authentic dose of enthusiasm and encouragement.

My perspective immediately shifts; my day has changed.

The significance of the call is amplified by the fact that my brother suffers from Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative disorder that causes ceaseless tremors, involuntary movement, and difficulty with walking, balance, and coordination. Yet despite its disruptive and reductive effects, Joe speaks of the day’s blessings and opportunities, his love for me, and that life is good.

His call has hit the mark—my heart.

After we hang up, my mind shifts to the blessings in my own life—my loving wife and two grown children, the gift of purposeful work, and the joy of serving. My heart and mind begin to focus outward.

I pick up my phone and begin to dial. The list is not long, just four or five friends or clients. My intention is to leave a simple message of encouragement and hope; to remind them that life is good.

As we emerge from 18 isolating months of Covid, take a few moments this week to reconnect with someone. Share an encouraging word. The art of leadership often lies in the fact that it’s the little things that usually make the biggest difference.

Step out of your comfort zone. Call someone you know and offer support, positivity, and encouragement. The impact will be greater than you expect.