3 Reasons Why Storytelling in Business Makes a Bestseller

Tom storytelling

Storytelling isn’t just for kids at bedtime. Stories are a sophisticated part of our human fabric. They are a form of communication that connect, entertain, and pass down culture over time. Stories evoke emotion, teach principles, and change our perspectives. 

Fifty years ago, there would not have been a connection between storytelling and business, but change leadership hinges on thoughtful, rich storytelling in this modern age. If done well, storytelling in business can spark transformation within a company that can change the world. 

Here are three reasons storytelling within a business leadership setting is so powerful.

Facts and Figures Don’t Add Up

A fixed mindset focuses on facts and figures, but crafting engaging stories gets to the heart of the issue. Business success and failures depend on facts and figures. They cannot be ignored; they tell the real story of the company’s health, but how they’re communicated will invoke change or a mid-meeting snooze. So instead of slide after slide of facts and figures, tell the story about the facts and figures.

Story Engages Emotion

The power of a story sparks emotion by casting a vision through inspiration. Inspirational speakers naturally appeal to people’s emotions through powerful storytelling. Motivation keeps people moving in the right direction, in a unified movement, by appealing to basic but often untapped human needs, values and emotions.

Emotion Inspires Action

Inspiring people to act when their emotions have been awakened is a powerful occurrence. Any fundraiser knows this. People are more likely to be generous with their wallets because of a heartfelt or inspiring story rather than a slide showing a budget deficit. In the same way, when looking to motivate a team to action, focus on story-based communication and steer away from facts and figure-based language.

Everyone and every company have a story. However, sometimes it’s easier to hire someone else to tell your company’s story and inspire a team to action. I’m happy to engage the hearts and minds of your people to navigate change and lead the way. So please get in touch today.