A Good Business Keynote Speaker Can Change Your Life

A Good Business Keynote Speaker Can Change Your Life Tom Flick

Potential clients want to have a reasonable certainty that they are going to get a measurable boost in performance when they bring in a business keynote speaker.

When your company is in the midst of a constructive transformation of business in terms of innovation, technology, work processes, restructuring, or strategic implementation, getting it right matters. You need much more than a business motivational speaker; a speech has to have real-world application and real take-home value. You are helping define a path to greatness, taking a team and helping them on their journey to a better future.

Is the ROI worth the cost of bringing in someone to address your people? I believe it is, and here are just three reasons why.

What Should a Good Business Keynote Speaker Bring to the Table?

Bring the outside in.

With an increased rate of change, unrelenting competition, and the steady advance of technology, organizations today have become inward-looking and need to respond to an outside world by bringing it into their environment. A gifted business keynote speaker can do just that by communicating what challenges and possibilities exist in the world, and what others are doing to win in a threatening environment. An expert who can communicate outside challenges and then provide inside solutions allows people to see a pathway forward, to move faster with less chaos, to seize opportunities and avoid looming hazards.

Reigniting the vision.

A good business keynote speaker can reinforce the vision of why we show up every day to work and buttress key organizational values by providing compelling examples as to why we exist and who we really are. They can rally people together around a common organizational purpose or initiative, empowering them to give discretionary effort above and beyond what’s expected. An expert communicator can connect the head and heart of an audience opening a world of possibilities as to what’s achievable, and why.

Empower more people to lead.

With the world moving at 80-mph, going 40-mph won’t get it done. Organizations need to regain their agility and speed, and that is done through leadership. When I mention leadership, I’m speaking of the actions and behaviors associated with leadership, not the title or organizational ranking. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned from a young age to believe leadership belongs to a select few, the one with the title, corner office, charisma or exotic personality trait.

But with the world-changing at dizzying rates, one charismatic leader or leadership team can no longer lead the change alone. The world today requires more leaders throughout the enterprise. A good business leadership speaker can illuminate and inspire leadership down through the ranks, allowing more people to tap into their role of making the organization better, and positively influence the future of your company.

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So, what’s next?

I have spoken on the topics of leadership and leading change for 30+ years and am considered an authority on the subject. My work as a business keynote speaker exists to help people become better leaders throughout all levels of an enterprise, whether addressing executive leaders, managers, salespeople, or frontline employees. My goal is to motivate people to move faster, with less chaos – to achieve success no matter the obstacles, to lead change and seize opportunities for growth – all while accelerating personal excellence and organizational performance, generating tangible business results in a rapidly changing world.

Beyond my role as a business keynote speaker, I also create and deliver customized half-day and one-day programs to educate and inspire people to become better leaders, to successfully transform organizations that enrich lives today, and build a better world for future generations.

Last update of the article: 12/19/2019.