A Leader's Voice


I was caught off guard recently during a conference call with the CEO of a German-based cardiovascular company.  The call began differently than most.  This is not verbatim, but darn close.  “Tom”, he said with clarity of voice, “It is my great pleasure to finally meet you!  I am thrilled you will be addressing our leaders at our annual conference.  I am so honored you would take the time out of your very busy schedule to speak with me this morning.”  My initial thought was, “I should be saying that to you – you hired me!”  All I know was, it was authentic, honest and sincere and it captured me.  I instantly felt energized, encouraged and engaged.  I love being surprised when I encounter leaders like our cardiovascular CEO.  Why?  Because they play the game differently than most.  They speak with a leader’s voice. They serve rather than be served.  They give rather than get.  They think others first, rather than themselves first.  They make every human transaction count and in the process leave people feeling better about themselves.