Successful in Sports

Tom Flick is a former Rose Bowl Champion, Pac-10 Conference “Player of the Year” and NFL quarterback for seven seasons.

A Natural Leader

Tom’s singular ability to communicate clear business solutions with humor, wit, and razor-sharp insight has made him one of the most sought after authorities on leadership today.

Empowering People

Keynotes designed to provide tangible solutions that allow people to lead the way and accelerate change at every level of the enterprise.

About Tom

Tom Flick has garnered a reputation around the world as an authority on leadership by helping organizations such as Google, Starbucks, Boeing, and the Pentagon to develop leaders, lead change, increase teamwork, and accelerate personal and organizational performance.

Mr. Flick draws on his leadership experience as a former NFL quarterback, his work with the world’s foremost authority on Change Leadership, Harvard Professor Dr. John Kotter, and his extensive work in corporate America to provide actionable solutions that allow people to become peak performers both personally and professionally.

His work has made him known throughout the world as one of the top leadership speakers for change leadership and change management.

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Tom’s expertise is helping organizations develop and grow their most valuable asset, their people.

Mission Statement

When I speak, I aim for the heart – it is from here that our best efforts emerge. Inspired performances are what truly motivate change in the world. An effective message emboldens the heart. It is direct and jargon-free, related with clarity and passion. When successfully delivered, true power is unleashed. People discover a newfound belief in themselves and their purpose. It creates an urgency to succeed and thrive in this turbulent world – motivated not only by thoughts, but also by feelings. Feelings that lead to fast-moving actions focused on addressing important issues; a deep-felt determination to move, make things happen, and win now. This is an exercise of the head and the heart.

Cardinal Health Testimonial - Change Leadership Keynote Speaker

“The feedback that we have received from your presentation has been incredible! Comments like ‘Best guest speaker ever!’ have been the norm!!”

Director of Research & Development

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