Aim for the Head and Heart When Leading People

Aim for the head and heart

When we should aim for the heart, we instead appeal to the head because we’re all educated. When asked to address organizations at their conference or meeting, a common challenge emerges. The CEO or President kicks off the event with a state of the union address, which usually ends up being an intellectual exercise. PowerPoint with tiny letters and numbers. You know the drill. We’re all educated people, so they say, “The ROI has been rigorous.” “The market analysis is exceptional.” Or “It’s the right thing to do at this market time.”  

As a result, they race forward in the brain and leave the heart far behind. 

Feelings (heart) vs. Thoughts (head).

The reality is analytics don’t move people forward. People won’t rally behind 23 initiatives. When it comes to affecting behavior, creating fast-moving actions around important issues, and trying to achieve our best every day – feelings are more influential than thought when leading change and affecting performance. The catalyst for this head/heart connection is generating true urgency amongst enough followers to rally around a “big opportunity” – something that stimulates the brain intellectually while igniting the heart emotionally. 

The value of engaging the heart is valid in any aspect of life. Whether you want to be the world’s greatest bank, the most compassionate hospital, or the most service-oriented hotel, feelings are hugely important in achieving success and driving change. People desire to achieve great things! Our job as leaders is to give them a reason why. 

Speak to the Heart.

That’s why I aim for the head and heart when I speak—where real change occurs. 

People discover a newfound belief in themselves and their purpose. They move faster—with more focus—to achieve success, no matter the obstacles. In our hearts, we all want to deliver our best for our customers, coworkers, and ourselves. Inspired performances are what genuinely motivate change in the world. Our best efforts emerge when our “heart is in it.” 

For the past 25 years.

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