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Jedi Leadership Lessons

TOM FLICK | November 6, 2013

Sometimes it’s best to let people learn on their own rather than handing them the answers on a plate. Of course, in crisis moments this may not be feasible. However, when the opportunity presents itself to allow members of your company to go through the problem solving process, you’ve now [...]

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Creating Your Company Vision

TOM FLICK | October 31, 2013

One of the things I often come across as a business keynote speaker is the fact that many companies are missing a clear direction for their organization. I see it all too often. It’s a simple fact that you can’t steer a ship if you don’t know where it needs [...]

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Leadership Lessons From LEGO

TOM FLICK | October 14, 2013

As a Leadership Keynote Speaker, I’m always on the look out to find fun and simple ways to effectively communicate lessons on change leadership. This great post from my friend and colleague, Ken Perlman of Kotter International uses Legos to offer some invaluable leadership tips! (This content was previously published by Kotter International Engagement Leader, Ken Perlman on Leadership [...]

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What Kodak's Bankruptcy Teaches Us About Change

TOM FLICK | September 24, 2013

This content was previously published by Kotter International’s Executive Vice President Randy Ottinger on Kodak has emerged from bankruptcy protection slimmer, trimmer, and with a new business plan. We’re all hopeful that the bankruptcy experience has given company leaders a fresh perspective around leading advances that make doing business faster, easier, [...]

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Leadership Keynote Speaker

TOM FLICK | September 22, 2013

As a leadership keynote speaker, when I speak, I aim for the heart. Because it is there that every single one of us truly wants to live life to the fullest. In our hearts, we all want to deliver our best for our coworkers, ourselves, our customers. Our best efforts [...]

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Tom Flick Talks Leadership vs Management

TOM FLICK | August 7, 2013

Pink Elephant Brings Renowned Leadership Keynote Speaker to Its IT Service Management Leadership Forum Speaker Tom Flick addresses the role of Leadership vs. Management at IT Consulting Firm Pink Elephant’s National Forum on August 12th July 25, 2013 (Seattle, WA) – On August 12th IT Management experts Pink Elephant will [...]

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