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Adversity Innovation and Collaboration

Adversity, Innovation, and Collaboration

TOM FLICK | August 14, 2018

I was recently thinking of an article featuring an interview from Harvard Professor, Dr. John Kotter, published last [...]

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tom flick

Leadership, Opportunity, Urgency, and the Problem

TOM FLICK | March 20, 2018

Business is a serendipitous combination of hazards and opportunities. Each day we embark on a journey through a [...]

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tom flick coach

Jumpstart Your Leadership

TOM FLICK | July 11, 2017

We’re past the halfway point with 2017 and now might be a good time to do a quick [...]

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Leadership Mastery

4 Steps to Leadership Mastery

TOM FLICK | May 12, 2017

Leadership mastery – is there such a thing? We will never exhaust the topic – due to its [...]

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Engage the Heart 5 Steps to Drive Engagement and Lead Change

Engage the Heart – 5 Steps to Drive Engagement and Lead Change

TOM FLICK | March 15, 2017

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, data and analytics often dominate the motivations behind decision-making. Leaders can be [...]

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true urgency ways to getbeyond the status quo and win

3 Ways to Get Beyond the Status Quo and Win

TOM FLICK | January 30, 2017

What makes a successful organization? What allows an organization to win in a very competitive and fast-changing environment? [...]

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