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Effective Leadership Habit #1: Effective Communication

Tom Flick |

If we observe the world around us, we can see that proper communication is not only a habit of great leaders, but it’s a behavior of life itself. If we compare the human body to that of an organization, our cells being the individuals, we quickly see how important the practice of effective communication is […]

3 Key Elements to Lead Change in 2016

Tom Flick |

Leadership is the Name of the Game 2016 will again be a year of unprecedented change. Because of the speed at which change is happening in our world, change can’t be managed. This is why Leadership is the name of the game. It’s important to distinguish the difference between the two because we understand management […]

3 Steps To Achieve Successful Leadership Habits

Tom Flick |

I’ve been asked many times, “Are great leaders born with their abilities, or can these characteristics be learned?” I’m here to tell you that leaders aren’t predestined at birth, they’re made out of choice; crafted by their character, anchored by their values, and proven by their habits. Most anyone can learn to be an effective […]

Fear vs. Respect: Why Leading Through Fear is Never the Answer

Tom Flick |

Fear in the workplace is more common than one might expect. On the surface, it can be fairly unnoticeable, yet it can plague your organization like a nasty virus. Fear can be difficult to pinpoint, but, often, if it’s having an influence on the organization, it can be found coming from those in leadership positions. […]

Leadership Lessons I Learned as a Quarterback

Tom Flick |

People often ask me what the most valuable lesson I learned during my seven seasons as an NFL quarterback. I’m always hesitant to answer because it’s extremely difficult, impossible in fact, to distill my seven years in the NFL, and the years leading up to it, into one single lesson about leadership. There are too […]

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