The #1 Most Important Leadership Quality

Tom Flick |

Last week I posted an article entitled The Humble Leader: Giving and Receiving Feedback, and this week I would like to expand on this critical leadership quality. It is a quality often overlooked by many. Yet, when you understand its impact on organizational culture and its people, you will understand why the need for leaders […]

The Humble Leader: Giving and Receiving Feedback

Bonsai Media Group |

Being a leader that welcomes feedback sounds like such a great idea. On paper. Giving and receiving feedback in real life is much more complex and can contribute to the rise or fall of leaders, small businesses, and corporations. On a relational level, Dr. Gottman of the Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington, identifies defensiveness as […]

Leading in the Land of Fear and Pandemonium

Tom Flick |

Leading well in challenging times requires facing fear head-on. Fear is a tough opponent because of its ever-changing, amorphous form. There is no singular method that eliminates fear from people’s hearts and minds. Yet in anxious times of doubt, leaders will either rise or fall. Historical examples We see many historical examples of seemingly fearless […]

A Good Business Keynote Speaker Can Change Your Life

Tom Flick |

Potential clients want to have a reasonable certainty that they are going to get a measurable boost in performance when they bring in a business keynote speaker. When your company is in the midst of a constructive transformation of business in terms of innovation, technology, work processes, restructuring, or strategic implementation, getting it right matters. […]

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