Reinvention and Innovation In Crisis: Sparks Attitude and Effort

Tom Flick |

A microscopic germ has changed how we do life. It has shifted how we do business. Our relationships have changed; we all work from home now, our daily schedules, meals, activities, and finances have moved us into a new and un-navigated frontier. For those who love a schedule, a plan, and a determined path, COVID-19 […]

Leading Change: Making the Most of Restructuring and Centralization

Tom Flick |

The Restructuring of your business can be a painstaking event in the life of an organization, yet many times a necessary component of a fast-changing and competitive world. Like it or not, when company-wide change needs to occur, it’s often on the structural level. When the time comes, many opt for a centralized approach, which […]

Leadership, Opportunity, Urgency, and the Problem

Tom Flick |

Business is a serendipitous combination of hazards and opportunities. Each day we embark on a journey through a jungle of possibilities; potentially positive, as well as negative. I recently reflected on my work with Ford Motor Company these past two years, and particularly the book I first read to understand Ford’s history and specifically the […]

Part 9 – Effective Leadership Habit #8: Passion & Enthusiasm

Tom Flick |

Have you ever been around someone magnetic? Someone whom regardless of what they were up to, you wanted to be involved with? In all likelihood, that person has a clear sense of who they are, and a settled single-mindedness as to where they are going in life. They have passion and enthusiasm about the future. […]

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