Leading Change: Making the Most of Restructuring and Centralization

Tom Flick |

The Restructuring of your business can be a painstaking event in the life of an organization, yet many times a necessary component of a fast-changing and competitive world. Like it or not, when company-wide change needs to occur, it’s often on the structural level. When the time comes, many opt for a centralized approach, which […]

Leadership, Opportunity, Urgency, and the Problem

Tom Flick |

Business is a serendipitous combination of hazards and opportunities. Each day we embark on a journey through a jungle of possibilities; potentially positive, as well as negative. I recently reflected on my work with Ford Motor Company these past two years, and particularly the book I first read to understand Ford’s history and specifically the […]

Part 9 – Effective Leadership Habit #8: Passion & Enthusiasm

Bonsai Media Group |

Have you ever been around someone magnetic? Someone whom regardless of what they were up to, you wanted to be involved with? In all likelihood, that person has a clear sense of who they are, and a settled single-mindedness as to where they are going in life. They have passion and enthusiasm about the future. […]

Tom Flick Talks Leadership vs Management

Tom Flick |

Pink Elephant Brings Renowned Leadership Keynote Speaker to Its IT Service Management Leadership Forum Speaker Tom Flick addresses the role of Leadership vs. Management at IT Consulting Firm Pink Elephant’s National Forum on August 12th July 25, 2013 (Seattle, WA) – On August 12th IT Management experts Pink Elephant will welcome internationally known leadership speaker, […]

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