Character is Power


Proverbs 22:1 says, “A good name is to be esteemed more than gold or silver.”  How true. The fundamental truth is—good people do win! Good companies do win. Doing right is good business. No longer will the win/lose mentality championed by the corporate culture of the last decade be tolerated. Customers are tired of the “me first” attitude. Successful organizations and people understand this fundamental principle and take the time to develop value sets and core beliefs by which to live. Why? Because success is weighty. Success puts demands on our character. Without clearly defined values, people lose all sense of moral responsibility and they end up running Enron. They run large parts of the world, and they run it badly. I don’t mean they run them inefficiently or run them unprofitably – though many do. I mean they run them morally badly. Your customers are essentially asking two questions of you and your organization…“Can I trust you?” and “Can I trust your company?” Answer those two concerns by the values you live, and you’ve gained a customer for life. People are drawn to leaders of character. For the job of leading and managing people, this is critical because no one can find out your inconsistencies, or lack of values, better than the people you’re trying to lead.