Imagine NIKE opened a Real Estate divison

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I found this article written by Zach Schabot, the founder of GoConnectApp, a checklist app for real estate agents, and Better Homes and Gardens in Cary, North Carolina. You find his take on applying the NIKE

Last night I had a dream. Stay with me here. In this dream, I was hired to start a residential real estate division for Nike Inc. There were only a few details in my dream: We had offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Oregon, and our yard signs were the sweetest signs you’ve ever seen, complete with a bold Nike swoosh and a carefully placed, capital RE underneath.

Nike is one of the most dominant brands in the world, and because of its massive retail store presence, it actually already has a commercial real estate division.  But let’s imagine Nike decided to open a residential real estate firm. What would it look like? Here is how I see it:

World-class training — Sport and training go together like peas and carrots. Nike Real Estate would offer intense, highly customized training to keep agents sharp. It would include daily inspirational messages from the world’s top athletes and coaches. In addition to real estate training, agents would receive fitness and wellness training because healthy people are better at everything — work, life, family, faith and service.

Unparalleled marketing and design — At Nike Real Estate, they do not follow trends, they create them. From the color of your shoes to the colors in your home, they decide what good looks like. And they know consumers. As an agent, you would have access to the most sophisticated, hyperfocused marketing tools available.

Finely tuned performance monitoring — At Nike RE, your performance would be monitored. Period. No whining about online reviews. No need to keep track of your own stats. Imagine all the engaging ways Nike would monitor your performance and share your accomplishments with the world. If you think Nike+ run tracking is cool, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Recruiting — At Nike RE, they’d hire lots of college athletes. They’re charismatic, confident, educated and competitive. They are disciplined. More important, they are team players. Imagine going to work every day surrounded by teammates rooting for you? How energized would you be?

Collaboration — Nike understands the power of collaboration within its brands and with other brands, such as Apple, Cole Haan and Tiffany (yes, Nike designed a sneaker in Tiffany blue). Real estate is unique in that we must compete AND collaborate with fellow agents. At Nike RE, they would be great at collaboration. The ability to seek and incorporate input from people outside the company is inspiring. Nike RE would be better off because they’d give up some control and allow others’ opinions to be heard.
As a bonus, you’d never have to worry about ordering schwag with your company logo on it. It’s everywhere.  Sounds cool, right? Now take away the Nike and insert your company name. Maybe you’re already giving this sales pitch for your company. If not, what’s stopping you? Just do it.