Little Big Things


Each season of the year brings new changes, new ways of doing things; new procedures and processes to help navigate the bloated landscape of information and the mountain high workload we climb daily in order to streamline our routines to better serve the clients and customers seeking our services.  So it is with my organization, as we adapt to a new management database (Sales Force) along with launching a new version of our website ( to stay up to speed with the exponential technology curve.  Not all experiences are fun (Sales Force), and yet some are very much so (working with   

Not that the Sales Force experience was a bad experience, it’s just a lot of new procedures and new learned behaviors – it’s a database – how fun can that be!?  What was an enjoyable experience was working with 336Creative!  Why?  In a world of speed and over-baked schedules it’s hard to find someone (or company) that slows down enough to listen, understand and guide with wisdom and forethought.  To be patient, when your team is behind providing the needed assets.  To be available, when most of the time you’re not because you’re all across the country speaking.  Little “big” things that make the experience memorable and valuable in this faster and faster moving world.  Thank you and well done, Matt Brown, and your 336Creative team!