Navigating Change for a Successful 2021

Navigating Change For a Successful 2021 Tom Flick

After 25 years as a leadership speaker, I’ve learned that brands that stay flexible stay afloat.

My organization, Tom Flick Leadership, has been no exception. I teach change leadership and guide people through processes to develop leaders, ignite teams, and lead change. Yet if my brand can’t flex and adapt in this fast-changing world, I face the real possibility of falling off the radar of my current and future clients.

We have applied our leadership compass and adapted during this past year of roiling upheaval, unknowns, and unprecedented everything. Instead of making quick changes to remain gainfully employed, I paused. Knowing the days of a more physically connected world in which the face-to-face, “client handshake” relationships had essentially changed, we realized the need to adapt to this new reality.

I took a step back to evaluate, listen, learn, and diagnose the times and understand the current landscape and how Tom Flick Leadership fits into this new reality. Stepping into the “virtual” world wasn’t going to be a knee-jerk reaction. A measured and deliberate approach to retain the quality and integrity I’ve worked hard to associate with my brand was paramount.

I began to study what was working and not working for other businesses. I sought advisors, counselors, insights, and wisdom from industry gurus, thoughtful friends, and past clients. I didn’t move quickly. Instead, I chose to go slow so that I could eventually go fast. I wanted to make sure I understood what I was seeing. The outcome of this careful planning results in the unveiling of our rebrand, which works more efficiently, proactively, and virtually in today’s world.

After months of planning, production, and persistence, I am incredibly proud to unveil the relaunch of With clearer messaging and easier navigation, our website features new resources and videos to introduce myself, my team, the messages, and strategy.

Enjoy the added content, tools, and resources made available:

  • Become acquainted with me on the Home and About pages and understand what services are offered through the dedicated pages. Learn about speaking principles I’ve honed over the years and leadership keynotes I present on my Keynotes page.
  • See the more in-depth aspects and specific training processes that create effective leadership skills, elevate human performance, and galvanize teams on the Workshops page. Recognize the value of shoulder-to-shoulder coaching tailored specifically for you on the Coaching page.
  • Appreciate the importance of the virtual offerings on the Virtual page. Explore the philosophy behind my work at the (Harvard Professor Dr. John) Kotter and FAQ pages.
  • Read what clients say about my keynote messages and delivery from industry leaders on the Clients & Testimonials page. Enjoy the updated Videos offered and reach out on my Contact page to begin the relationship between your company and Tom Flick Leadership.

This relaunch of my brand has resulted from systematic planning, studying my clients, and understanding the needs and sticking points they face. With the expanded website and the new virtual and training offerings and downloadable resources, I am enthusiastic about the hope, possibility, and potential I can offer my clients to move forward successfully in a very complicated and competitive world.

For the past 25+ years, Change Leadership has been one of my central messages and research focus. This past year has allowed me to apply this philosophy in my own business more than ever.

It’s been an exciting and challenging year, full of growth and new learnings, and I am inspired to serve and guide my present and future clients, with clarity and integrity, through this time of resetting and reckoning.

As a leadership keynote speaker, I help organizations move faster with less chaos to achieve success. If you are interested in having me help your team move toward success in 2021, please get in touch today.