Opportunities vs Hazards


There are two compelling behaviors that dominate high performers, great leaders, cohesive teams and forward moving organizations.  They are constantly and forever trying to avoid big hazards while simultaneously seeking out big opportunities. And when looking for those big opportunities, they do everything they can, each and every day, to move toward that objective. In football it’s the same idea; 60-minutes to exploit the opportunities and duck the hazards, all while under great duress and pressure.  Watch Peyton Manning or Tom Brady at work.  Each snap they are looking for the hazard (the blitz) while seeking the opportunity (the touchdown).  They do it better than anyone in the game and that’s why they’re the best at their position and their teams consistently win. In business, it’s really no different. Come to work every day with your mindset focused on seeking the day’s big opportunity and avoiding its big hazard.  Clear unwanted junk from your calendar. Determine what will allow you to win, today, and get after it.