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Dr.Kotter’s new book, Accelerate (XLR8) is available for order now, or read a free chapter (link below).

The Accelerating Wave of Change: How to Keep Your Head Above Water

My colleague at Kotter International, Ken Perlman, paints a clear and disturbing picture of the dynamic and disruptive environment created by increased change. Big change is upon us and there is no sign of it letting up. Ken makes his point clear by naming just a few of the astounding events that have transpired in the past 25 years. We’ve seen:

  • Music media evolve from albums, to tapes, to CDs, to digital, to streaming online.
  • Apple go from the brink of bankruptcy to innovation icon.
  • Facebook go from dorm room idea to the largest IPO in history.
  • China shift from third-world country to economic world superpower.
  • Political acceleration hit an all-time high: Over 150 changes to the world map as old governments are overthrown and new countries are created.

Back then, change was episodic, “like slow storms on the horizon” and the old way of doing things served their purpose. Today, change is relentless, bigger bolder and larger in scope. Agility, speed and the ability to lead from the middle, engaging the masses, will be the key.

Dr. Kotter’s latest book, Accelerate describes a new way companies are making the leap forward as this fast-moving wave of change continues to build momentum. Read this free chapter of the book which introduces a new way to build agility and speed into your organization.