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Change leadership is a deeply different concept and practice than change management — and it’s not just a matter of semantics. As noted by Harvard professor and top industry leadership speaker, Dr. John Kotter, “These terms are not interchangeable. The distinction between the two is actually quite significant.” Change leadership is more about urgency and going after big dreams versus the change management method of keeping things under control and maintaining the status quo. It’s about multitudes of people who want to make something happen; empowering a volunteer army of people throughout all levels of the organization to achieve big visions.

The world, as we all know right now, talks about, thinks about, and does change management. The world doesn’t do much change leadership. With the rate of change increasing exponentially and the fact that 70% of large-scale strategy implementation efforts fail, the need to understand a proven system (Kotter’s 8-step model) to lead change is critical.

Change leadership is associated with…

  • Bigger change initiatives that we have to make
  • Windows of opportunity that are coming at us faster and staying open less time
  • Bigger hazards and threats coming at us faster
  • The need to accomplish more at a faster speed.

Change leadership is going to be the big challenge in the future…

The fact that almost nobody is very good at it is a very big deal. Companies can not only succeed through change but can create a competitive advantage through increasing the speed of execution. In other words how they accelerate results. When you think about all of the ways you can truly create a competitive advantage, such as creating a brand, building and patenting a new innovation, etc., speed of execution is possibly the greatest weapon an organization can tap into for sustained results.

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