Leading Change

Empowering Successful Transformation

The ability to change quickly and efficiently is not a core competency of most organizations. For nearly all organizations, change is difficult, painful and costly. In a world of ever increasing rates of change and where entire economies can shift almost overnight, the ability to change quickly and well can mean the difference between an organization thriving or dying. When a major change arises, getting it right the first time becomes imperative.

Leading Change sets the stage for creating a core competency in change leadership. Organizations that lead change effectively can take advantage of significant opportunities, avoid looming hazards, and thereby create enormous value for their stakeholders. Studies show overwhelmingly that organizations and their leaders that are adept at change grow faster, create more wealth, enhance customer success, gain public support, and compete more effectively. It is, in fact, the largest differentiating factors in the top performing organizations in the world.

Leading Change sets the stage for organizations to take the next step forward by clarifying the value of Harvard Professor, Dr. John Kotter’s 8-step process, by equipping leaders with the proper understanding of how successful change is created.

While it may be true that most people don’t like change, leaders who understand the dynamics of change can slice through resistance and outperform the competition.

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