The Heart of Leadership

Leading People to Excellence

Create decisive advantage for your organization. The Heart of Leadership demonstrates how capturing both minds and hearts will be crucial. Organizations that do will rise to the top, consistently out performing their competition. Tom demonstrates with stunning clarity how Leaders who positively engage not just the minds, but also the hearts of their people consistently achieve stronger mission awareness, higher productivity and better schedule performance.

The Heart of Leadership presents the core drivers for creating great leaders throughout the organization. From corporate titans to emerging start-ups, the skill and capacity to capture and engage the hearts of people will be the decisive factor in their success. No longer can one charismatic individual lead the vision alone. The catalyst for sustained high-level performance is leadership, from top-to-bottom, which empowers every individual.

Everyone leads… executives, managers, sales, marketing, and front-line employees. The Heart of Leadership mobilizes and inspires people to become superior leaders to achieve amazing results. Empower more leaders, better leaders, at all levels of your organization. Transforming organizations into great enterprises is a process driven by the heart, the true source of all inspired performance.

Last update of the article: 11/26/2019.

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