The Best Qualities of a Mentor


Finding a mentor is a great way to help you and your team stay motivated while you work through important milestones. Though not all mentors are created equally, the best mentors share a few common qualities.

Experience is perhaps the most important of these qualities, but even experience has its limits: If a mentor is too experienced, they might be too far removed from the beginner’s perspective to effectively help beginners in certain situations. However, the best mentors still have an ever-expanding wealth of knowledge in their field—and the good communication skills to share it.

On that note, the best mentors are also capable of sharing their knowledge and providing useful feedback in a thoughtful, constructive way. This quality also requires good listening skills, which allow the mentor to fully understand their mentee’s perspectives and provide the right advice and guidance for any situation.

Experience and communication skills aren’t enough on their own, however: A good mentor should also have genuine enthusiasm and passion for their field and be able to carry that enthusiasm into their mentoring. With an enthusiastic mentor, you and your team will be more motivated and encouraged to work through even the most difficult challenges.

Though finding a good mentor can be difficult, keeping these qualities in mind is a great way to narrow your search. For more of the best qualities of a good mentor, check out the infographic below or call Tom Flick Leadership at (425) 868-9090.

The Best Qualities of a Mentor Infographic

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