The Disadvantages of Being a People Pleaser

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The impulse to do what we can for other people and the desire to be liked and accepted is widespread and completely natural. Humans are social creatures, and pleasing others is a big part of how the world functions. However, when that urge to please starts to dominate our ability to be our own advocate, it can have negative consequences.

What Is People Pleasing?

People-pleasing can be characterized by the inability to say “no” to requests from colleagues. The people-pleaser will place the needs of others above their own in exchange for acceptance and approval.

Some characteristics of being a people pleaser include:

  • Always saying “yes” to extra projects and workload
  • Bending the rules or working outside previously established parameters (e.g., agreeing to extend deadlines)
  • Never raising concerns or complaints

Pros of People Pleasing

Being a people pleaser has some highly beneficial, short-term psychological gains. That’s why it’s such a difficult habit to break.

People pleasers receive recognition for their hard work and dedication to the team. They’re well-liked because they’re someone who can be counted on, goes above and beyond, and puts the group’s success first.

Cons of People Pleasing 

Extreme people-pleasing can have severe implications for your well-being in the long term. People pleasers may find themselves in situations where:

  • They are prone to be exploited and manipulated by others.
  • They assume others will do the same for them and experience disappointment and resentment when this is not the case.
  • Mental fatigue and burnout occur due to working too hard and constantly assessing the needs and opinions of others.
  • Their input is not sought or trusted because it’s not seen as genuine feedback.

Ways to Promote Teamwork Without People Pleasing

Being a people pleaser is not an inherently wrong trait. On the contrary, some degree of pleasing others is necessary to function globally and in a team environment like at work. Yet establishing direct, clear lines of communication ensures that working relationships are mutually beneficial and fair.

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