Three Surefire Ways to Inspire People and Lead Well

Inspire people and lead well

Why does it seem so hard to inspire people and lead well? 

A mark of a good leader is the ability to inspire people and motivate them to action. It doesn’t come naturally to all leaders, but one can practice a few steps to become more inspirational.

1. Ask More Questions (it’s not about you)

Inspirational leaders understand that true inspiration doesn’t begin with them but with those around them on both macro and micro levels. People are struggling, and work-life can be challenging. Leading well and inspiring people in the process starts with asking great questions. Genuine curiosity disarms people and makes them comfortable to be authentic experts who can help solve a problem. 

Ironically, inspiring people doesn’t depend on the leader leading but on shifting the focus off themselves and onto the people they serve. This human approach is encouraging because work becomes more personal. When employees see the leader has left their ego behind, it’s a game changer. They open their hearts and trust more quickly with an inspired mindset. So, here’s a great question: How’s your mental state lately? After asking, listen as if their life depended on it. Sometimes it does.

2. Build Others Up (it’s not about you)

As a leader continues to lead with an authentic ego-free mentality, it becomes easier to spot the talent in their employees. As those actions and traits are called out and praised, employees, will find more profound satisfaction in their work environment and feel inspired to give their best efforts. Employees who feel valued for their effort and contributions will perform beyond their job titles.

3. Lead with Integrity (it’s all about you)

Inspiring a team of employees will only happen when that group trusts its leader. To inspire people and lead well centers on building trust through integrity and maintaining it. And it is formidable work. All credibility can be lost instantly, even though it can take years to build. That’s why you should make your “yes” mean “yes,” and your “no” mean “no.” That you do what you say you’re going to do. And, if you don’t or can’t – apologize and say, “I am sorry.” If you blow it, admit it. Be human. People want to follow someone authentic.

All eyes are on the leader, and leaders are judged by their decisions daily. A leader who leads with integrity does the right thing, even when it’s difficult or unpopular. A leader who doesn’t cut corners builds trust within the company, which becomes a firm foundation on which all can stand.


Leaders can inspire employees in a million ways, but encouraging people to action is built over time. When leaders ask questions, build team members up, and lead with integrity, employees will give the discretionary effort necessary for success. If a healthy, positive, and cohesive environment is something you seek to build in your organization, please get in touch with me today at Tom Flick Communications.