The Top 5 Traits of Management Material Employees

The Top 5 Traits of Management Material Employees

Managers have numerous responsibilities, but they all revolve around human capital. These professionals are expected to bring the best out of people, keeping everyone focused on important goals and constantly improving. How do you know who would make a good manager? Here are the five traits to look for:

1. Leadership

Management is more than just checking in on employees or tracking their progress; if a business runs smoothly, it’s because these leaders see and fix problems before they can ever become an issue. As opposed to leading based on power or fear, managers think about how operations are run from the worker’s perspective, streamlining that process to give them (and customers, subsequently) the best experience possible.

2. Ingenuity

Of course, improving workflows or making actionable recommendations isn’t always straightforward; sometimes, the situation warrants thinking outside the box. Supervisors can’t be afraid of a creative solution and speaking up against what’s accepted if a different solution may be the better option.

3. Positivity

A bad attitude is contagious. Managers empower their employees by setting a good example and coming to work with a positive outlook. This doesn’t mean to just look for someone cheery; an effective boss knows bad news is a part of life. When this happens, he or she is still mature and composed, which helps everyone in the workplace live up to the title “professional.”

4. Honesty

Transparency is critically important. If personnel pick up on dishonesty or even just a lack of sincerity, it seriously undermines a manager’s authority. If a supervisor tries to fake positivity or is inauthentic, everyone will notice. These leaders must also understand how the organization functions and be comfortable offering honest feedback or recommendations for improvement based on what is truthfully best for everyone.

5. Multitasking

If haven’t noticed, we’ve covered several responsibilities these professionals must handle simultaneously at any given time. Hence, the ability to multitask is essential. This doesn’t just mean they can do a lot at once, either; they must delegate when needed, and they have to prioritize when it’s necessary. Good managers are comfortable making decisions and adjusting tasks to ensure the most important deadlines are met.

Change management success, customer satisfaction, process improvements, and profit margins largely depend on the quality of your managers. As you move forward with the hiring process or develop programs to improve supervisor success, keep these tips in mind.