Uncovering Your True Self: The Key to Effective Leadership

True Self - Who am I?

Honest pursuit of uncovering our true self is a lifelong journey. 

Becoming our true self is a journey of self-discovery, essential to leading well in any capacity. When unaware or out of touch with our true selves, we struggle to make decisions that align with our values. We may find ourselves constantly seeking external validation or conforming to others’ expectations. Conforming always leads to a lack of confidence, a loss of direction, and an inability to connect with others authentically. In short, leaders out of sync with their true center will be out of touch with all areas of life.


Discovering our true self starts with careful self-reflection. Uncovering our core values, motivations, and happiness takes dedicated time and purpose. There are countless tools: journals, coaches, close friends, and courses to guide us in becoming in sync with our true selves. As we learn more about ourselves, we can start to identify patterns in our thoughts and behaviors and begin to understand what we want from life.

Seeking Feedback

As a former NFL Quarterback seeking feedback was part of the job description. Life should also be. Once we have a clearer understanding of our true selves, we will be more confident to ask for feedback. So often, blind spots and unconscious action can damage our leadership’s effectiveness, preventing progress. However, sometimes we are the problem, and seeking feedback from a small circle of trusted and honest friends or colleagues will make all the difference.

Receiving Feedback

But it doesn’t end with just seeking feedback. It must be received, absorbed, evaluated, and synthesized. Listening with an open heart and mind is imperative. Making notes and asking yourself, “what are the consequences if this feedback is true and I don’t do something about it?” are vital practices while receiving feedback. Changes toward your true self only happen with adversity and grit. 

Telling The Truth

Humble-aligned leaders ask, seek, and receive feedback and tell the truth about their weaknesses. Understanding and admitting our shortcomings create space for movement and connection within a leadership team and company. This transparency, in turn, has the potential to inspire and guide others to do the same. 

A company filled with aligned, wholehearted people would make a dynamic company. But, to lead well, we need to know our true selves and lead from a place of authenticity and integrity. When in touch with our true selves, we connect better with others and are more effective in our leadership.


Becoming our true self is essential to leading well. Better decisions made from a place of confidence and authenticity are a sign of a leader in touch with their true self. This journey of self-discovery requires awareness, commitment, and effort, but the reward is worth it. Becoming our true selves and better leaders have been the professional passion of my heart. Please contact me today at Tom Flick Communications if you’re interested in growing aligned authentic leaders.