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Goal Setting: A very misunderstood tool

TOM FLICK | May 2, 2012

Goal setting is a very misunderstood and poorly used tool in business. The net result is a workforce trapped in a state of false urgency because the effort is derived from misleading notions in their mind creating misguided effort toward what we think will be effective and measurable strides toward [...]

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Your job? Helping people win

TOM FLICK | April 17, 2012

There is a false assumption that power, authority and title make the difference in leadership.  They do not.  The people who make the difference are not the ones with the credentials, but the ones who understand that their job is to ultimately help people win.  The truth is, you don’t [...]

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What is "Real" Leadership?

TOM FLICK | April 10, 2012

For too long we have been socialized and traditionalized to believe leadership is a title, a corner office, a degree or power.  It is none of these things.  Real leadership has a “softer” side to it.  I do not mean “weak.”  I am talking about courageous, visionary and authentic.  Authentic [...]

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Leadership is the Name of the Game

TOM FLICK | April 3, 2012

Leadership really is the name of the game.  The impetus in corporate America should be focused 70% towards leadership and 30% towards management.  I am not stating leadership is good and management is bad.  I am not saying that leadership is better than management.  I am saying in organizations today, [...]

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What Motivates You?

TOM FLICK | March 27, 2012

Ask yourself these questions: What motivates me? What’s my purpose? How do I focus energy or how do I get people to focus their energy? What’s my picture of my future? What is it that I really do? The power of a dream – chasing a compelling picture of your [...]

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Lifetime Friendships Form

TOM FLICK | March 20, 2012

On legacy teams, lifetime friendships are formed. After years pass and the team disbands, one day you could end up eating at a restaurant and see a former teammate across the room—and because of the lifetime friendship that was formed from being legacy teammates, you have deep mutual respect and [...]

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