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Jumpstart Your Leadership

Tom Flick |

We’re past the halfway point with 2017 and now might be a good time to do a quick evaluation. Among things to reconsider are your organization’s leadership processes and whether or not a boost is needed. Business environments are full of challenges. In order to stay competitive, these obstacles must be faced with a sense […]

4 Steps to Leadership Mastery

Tom Flick |

Leadership mastery – is there such a thing? We will never exhaust the topic – due to its colossal role throughout history, and bearing on individuals, communities, and even nations. So is mastery of leadership even possible? I believe it is. First, let me be clear. There is a world of difference between leadership and […]

Engage the Heart – 5 Steps to Drive Engagement and Lead Change

Tom Flick |

In today’s rapidly changing business climate, data and analytics often dominate the motivations behind decision-making. Leaders can be too quick with the head, and too slow to engage the heart. As I’ve mentioned before, leadership and engagement are the keys to success in business today. But as a leader, how are you going to kindle […]

3 Ways to Get Beyond the Status Quo and Win

Tom Flick |

What makes a successful organization? What allows an organization to win in a very competitive and fast-changing environment? Vision is undoubtedly important. A clearly defined picture of a brighter future is compelling and motivating. Yet most organizations fail because they miss one of the most crucial components to success – generating a true sense of […]

Empathy & Innovation

Bonsai Media Group |

What does it mean to be empathetic, to exercise empathy within a leadership position? There are many managers and leaders across the globe that would love to know the answer to this question. As a leadership keynote speaker, it’s my aim to inspire leaders of all kinds towards greater empathy, both personally and organizationally. Why? […]

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