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4 Steps to Remain a Humble Leader

TOM FLICK | March 17, 2022

Strong business leadership isn’t always about being in charge and using power to navigate. Humility is a lesser-known leadership quality that harnesses more power than the typical model. Remaining humble is the key. [...]

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Meet Tom: Connecting to the human side of the business

TOM FLICK | February 22, 2022

Finding a great keynote speaker or workshop coach is an important task. Tom Flick brings decades of experience to both engaging the head and the heart to guide your company through a new, visionary way of leading through change. [...]

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Leading from the Heart, not from the Hurt

TOM FLICK | February 15, 2022

Great leaders lead from the heart instead of from their own hurt. Becoming a leader who has examined and made peace with their own challenges allows for agile, innovative leadership. [...]

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The Power of the Giving Leader

TOM FLICK | December 22, 2021

A leader who leads with a giving mindset is an influential leader who generates loyalty and connection. There are many things other than money a leader has the power to give. [...]

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The #1 Asset Leaders Use to Grow Their Business: True Urgency

TOM FLICK | December 7, 2021

Behaving with true urgency allows an organization to focus on the tasks that propel forward instead of tasks that distract from the goal. Change leaders understand true urgency and the qualities that undergird this change leadership mindset and ability. [...]

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False Urgency Stirs Up Activity but Not Productivity

TOM FLICK | November 30, 2021

False urgency unknowingly erodes a company like cancer. It flies under the radar and goes undetected because the flurry of activity gives the impression of action and productivity. But, false urgency, motivated by fear and anxiety, will never move an organization forward with vision and innovation. [...]

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