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Toxic work environment

The High Cost of a Toxic Work Environment

TOM FLICK | February 22, 2023

A toxic work environment is where employees experience persistent negativity, mistreatment, and an overall unhealthy atmosphere. Traits are [...]

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True Self - Who am I?

Uncovering Your True Self: The Key to Effective Leadership

TOM FLICK | February 15, 2023

Honest pursuit of uncovering our true self is a lifelong journey.  Becoming our true self is a journey [...]

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Wholehearted leadership

The Significance of Honesty in Wholehearted Leadership

TOM FLICK | February 7, 2023

Wholehearted leadership is essential to any successful business, and being honest with yourself and others is vital to [...]

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Authentic Leadership: Building Trust & Fostering Collaboration

TOM FLICK | January 19, 2023

Authentic leadership is a powerful force in the world. Authenticity is the state of being true to oneself; [...]

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servant leadership

Servant Leadership: How it Benefits Every Organization

TOM FLICK | January 5, 2023

Servant leadership is a leadership philosophy in which the leader puts the needs of the team or organization [...]

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leadership vs. management

The Vital fusing of Change Management & Change Leadership

TOM FLICK | December 20, 2022

If we could analyze the processes at successful businesses, chances are we'd find a symbiotic relationship between change management and change leadership. [...]

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